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Deferrization filters with potassium permanganate

     This filter is designed to remove solid particles, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from the water.  The treated water can be used for domestic or technological needs. The principle of action of the filter is based on oxidation of the elements dissolved in water and their transition to a condition of insoluble. The insoluble deposits are collected on a filtration filler. 

     Potassium permanganate filters consist of a control valve, a pump metering unit, a pulse counter, a filter housing and a potassium permanganate preparation tank. During the passage of water through the filter, iron and manganese are oxidized with a special filler and collected. Having collected a certain amount of iron, it is necessary to renew the filtering filler. This task is performed by an automatic control valve in accordance with the set program. It sucks out the potassium permanganate solution and washes the filler. The collected iron is removed to the sewerage system. Potassium permanganate filters are effective in case of large amounts of iron in water. It is not recommended to use them for biological treatment equipment. 

     Principle of action: potassium permanganate solution is dosed into water, which oxidizes the dissolved iron in water and turns the dissolved iron into rust (Fe²+→ Fe³+). This oxidizes the dissolved iron in the water and disinfects the water. The water then passes through a filter filled with a special potassium permanganate filler, which retains iron-rust oxide (Fe³+). The filler is rinsed periodically according to the set time. The entire process is controlled by an automatic control valve. During the automatic rinsing process, the automatic control valve directs the water current and the collected iron is discharged into the sewerage system. It is obligatory to have sewerage and electric installation at the place of filter installation.   





Working pressure range, bar 

Temperature range, °C

Filling voliume, L

Filter column size, cm

Nominal / Maximum capacity, m3/h

Regeneration duration, min.

Connection diameter, inches

Filter dimensions (L x H x W), cm

Dimensions of the potassium permanganate tank (L x H x W), cm

Frequency of preventive maintenance

Automatic deferrization filter with potassium permanganate ECO IF900











Deferrization filter with reagent ETF IF 50











each 6-7 months