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Water deferrization cartridge filters

     Cartridge filters of deferrization are intended for removal from water of firm particles, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and their connections. The treated water can be used for domestic and technological needs. The principle of action of the cassette filter of deferrization is based on oxidation of chemical elements dissolved in water and formation of insoluble particles. The insoluble particles are retained in the filtering filler. 



MZ10: deferrization cartrige

(NK - 0,8 – 60  ĮST 3500893 – 03 : 2000)


The cartridge removes water-dissolved iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from drinking and domestic water.



Technical data:

  • The water temperature is not more than 30°C;
  • Cycle between regenerations when the amount of iron (Fe+++): 1 mg/l-1000 l; 2 mg/l-500 l; 3 mg/l-330 l; 4 mg/l-250 l; 5 mg/l-200 l. 
  • Working pressure not more than 5 bar;
  • Filler quantity - 0,8 l.

Speed of water flow:


Amount of iron in water, mg/l






Water flow speed, l/hour










     The fill cartridge is installed in Atlas, FasaTech or another type of housing. The filter is installed in cold water pipes, in the kitchen under the sink or on the table (if the filter housing is adapted for this purpose). The water flowing through the deferrization filter must be free of mechanical impurities and free of organic impurities that could affect the filter's performance. 


Possible ways of use: the filter is installed in the water supply system or on a table.


                                                       Mounted in a plumbing

   Filter fits on the table

1 - mechanical filter; 2 - deferrization filter






     The filler is rinsed before each regeneration. Filler flushing and regeneration must be repeated after a certain amount of water has passed through the filter.

     ŠOMIS, JSC guarantees efficient operation of the cartridge for 12 months. During the warranty period, the cartridges are replaced free of charge.