Services » Warranty and after warranty service

     Professional maintenance of water treatment systems is the main condition for their uninterrupted operation. The quality of water treatment always deteriorates with time, as the filters become clogged, wear out, do not perform their work and require constant preventive maintenance. Timely diagnosis allows to set up and fix explicit and hidden faults. In the long term, the investment in maintenance always pays off.

     It is not recommended to carry out most of the maintenance of water treatment systems by yourself, let alone try to restore the system operability in case of an accident. It is better to pass such works on to specialists.

     ŠOMIS, JSC provides warranty service for water treatment systems after installation and commissioning. Warranty maintenance of the equipment is carried out on the basis of the terms of the contract. The warranty period and post-warranty maintenance conditions are specified in the contract.

     Maintenance of water treatment systems includes the periodic visits of specialists to the customer's site after the completion of installation of equipment. The main purpose of such visits is to reduce the possibility of an accident or, in the event of an accident, to restore the system's functionality. 

     Water treatment service provided by our specialists includes the following services:

  • Periodical visits of the service technician to the object (they are planned, the time and the quantity is determined by the customer);

  • Emergency visits (unscheduled, in case of system failure); 

  • Chemical analysis of water, control of its quality and compliance with standards;

  • Control of pressure in the system;

  • Service and repair of equipment, checking its proper operation;

  • Assessing the efficiency of the water treatment plant, as well as monitoring the service life of its components;

  • Supply and replacement of equipment components, as well as delivery of filter loads and replacement cartridges;

  • Support consultation by phone.


     ŠOMIS, JSC provides services for water treatment systems of various levels of complexity.  We offer individual service, various preventive maintenance programs, as well as periodic or permanent repairs. In addition, ŠOMIS's specialists provide professional and high quality post-warranty equipment maintenance. Breakdowns, in accordance with the terms of the warranty agreement, –  we fix them free of charge.

     ŠOMIS, JSC sells the original filter parts. We always have the most frequently used spare parts in stock. If necessary, we ship the part from the manufacturer's warehouse as a matter of urgency. 

Our remote monitoring of the equipment provides real-time control of operating parameters, which guarantees the fastest possible response to changes in process parameters.

     By performing rapid analysis and identifying the causes of discrepancies, we inform the customer and offer solutions to correct the process and find the right solution. In the event of an automation failure, in most cases, we can repair it remotely, which allows us to continue to operate the equipment before the arrival of specialists. In case of mechanical damage, our specialists will come to the facility and repair the damage within the time specified in the contract. 

     Forehanded maintenance of water treatment systems is a guarantee of good performance of the industrial facility, allowing you to save time and money. Timely maintenance will help to significantly extend the service life of water treatment systems and avoid situations associated with unplanned breakdowns.