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    Albaphos® is a special product for treating medium-hard industrial water against corrosion and scale. 






     Albaphos® has properties that guarantee that no scale or corrosion will form in the water system and dissolves them at high temperatures.

  • Scale inhibitors and dispersants;
  • Corrosion inhibitors;
  • Biologically decaying substances and dispersants for processing food containers. 

     In order to achieve the required effect from the use of the product, it is necessary to carry out a technical inspection. For this purpose, the technical consulting department of ŠOMIS is responsible for providing consulting and control analysis. Technical consultations and maintenance are carried out under a separate agreement. 



Albaphos® ASK



     Albaphos® ASK is a specific product for treating medium-hard industrial water against corrosion and scale. It is a mixture of organic phosphates and inorganic corrosion inhibitors. Albaphos® ASK is nitrite and amine free.

     Continuous use of Albaphos® ASK effectively protects containers and other parts of the system that come into contact with water from scale formation and corrosion. On all metal surfaces in contact with water, the product forms a protective film and prevents the formation of a layer of fat. Thus, the process of sticking labels is simplified and the commodity appearance is improved. 

     The use of Albaphos® ASK significantly reduces the cost of necessary cleaning of equipment and increases productivity and efficiency.



  • In autoclaves;
  • In open heating systems;
  • In sterilizers;
  • In autoclaves of a high pressure;
  • In rotary autoclaves.

     The required product dose depends on the amount of industrial water consumed. The product is dosed by a metering pump.


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Albaphos® KL


     Albaphos® KL is a combination product for water treatment in air conditioning systems. It is intended for prevention of scale formation and corrosion, and also prevention of growth of biological flora in air-conditioning systems and cooling systems. 

     Active substances: mixture of phosphonium acids and isothiazoline.

     Albaphos® KL effectively stabilizes the formation of carbonate scale in water, which carbonate hardness reaches up to 7.2 mg-eqv/l. The product inhibits corrosion on steel surfaces at a concentration of 150 mg/l.
     The biological components available in Albaphos® KL very effectively remove a wide range of microorganisms in air-conditioning systems.  At the same time, this product guarantees hygienic treatment of the system with minimal costs. 

     The amount of Albaphos® KL required depends on the system parameters and water quality. 
     Usually 100-200 mg/l Albaphos® KL is recommended. 


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