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Korrodex® is a wide range of corrosion inhibitors and water hardness stabilizers.  Korrodex® products are designed to provide corrosion and scale protection in closed systems. 






     Korrodex® products are developed on the basis of modern technologies and allow to reduce the maintenance costs of water systems and prolong their service life. We have solutions for heating systems, hot water systems, closed cooling systems and chilled water systems.



     Corrosion inhibitors

     Closed water systems can be either simple or complex installations made of different materials. We have the best solutions for carbon steel, stainless steel, yellow metal and aluminum systems. 



     Water hardness stabilizers

     Depending on the operating temperature, the water in a closed water system may have different conductivity. Korrodex® products are selected according to the specific water quality. The dispersants have high thermal stability and provide the necessary hardness stabilization over a wide temperature range. 


Korrodex® 330


     Korrodex® 330 is a corrosion inhibitor for using in heating systems with steel and copper connections. The product is effective at pH from 7.5 to 10.0.
     Korrodex® 330 can be used with antifreeze compounds such as ethylene glycol. The product is not recommended for use in heating systems containing aluminium or its alloys. 


     Korrodex® 330 optimally reduces corrosion of steel and copper alloys:

  • Reduces corrosion on the steel surface, creating a protective film of molybdenum. 
  • Reduces corrosion on the copper alloy surface thanks to an organic copper inhibitor.
  • Protects against CaCO3 precipitation, thanks to the components of stabilization of stiffness (stepped effect of phosphonic and polycarboxylic acids).

     Korrodex® 330 is a mixed product of phosphonic acids, polycarboxylic acid, molybdates and copper inhibitor.


     In the heating system, the product concentration should be as below:

  • Soft water: 5000 g/m³ (TH<100 ppm CaCO3) (TH <1 mol/m³)
  • Hard water: 4000 g/m³ (100 ppm CaCO3)

     Korrodex® 330 is used undiluted (concentrated). The product can be mixed with softened or demineralised water in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:4.



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Korrodex® 332


     Korrodex® 332 is a corrosion inhibitor for closed cooling and heating systems with aluminium, steel and copper alloys. The product is effective at a pH range of 7.5 to 9.0. The product is compatible with antifreeze compounds such as ethylene glycol.
     The Korrodex® 332 is also suitable for use in closed cooling systems where low conductivity cooling water is required.

     Korrodex® 332 effectively protects steel, aluminium and copper alloys from corrosion:

  • Reduces corrosion of steel and aluminum by creating a protective film of molybdenum on their surface. 
  • Inhibition of copper and copper alloy corrosion occurs due to the creation of a protective multilayer film.
  • Protects against CaCO3 precipitation, thanks to the components of stabilization of stiffness (stepped effect of phosphonic and polycarboxylic acids).

     The product consists of polycarboxylic acid, molybdate, amine inclusions and copper inhibitor. It is not volatile or flammable. 


      In circulating water, the concentration of Korrodex® 332 should be as below: 

  • For heating systems: 5000 g/m3
  • For closed cooling systems: 1000 - 3000 g/m3

     Korrodex® 332 is an alkaline product, so all parts of the system in contact with it must be made of alkali-resistant materials. 


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Korrodex® 950



     Korrodex® 950 is designed for water treatment of closed and open circulation cooling systems made of copper and copper alloys. 

     Korrodex® 950 covers the internal surfaces of condensers and heat exchangers with a protective layer of inhibitor.  This layer effectively protects copper tubes of capacitors/heat exchangers from corrosion. 

    Active substances: Concentrated corrosion inhibitors based on nitrogen compounds.

     The required dose of Korrodex® 950 depends on water quality, temperature and other parameters. 


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