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     UV light in water treatment is used to destroy bacteria and viruses in water.  An installed ultraviolet lamp treats leaking water with UV rays, thus removing the microorganisms it contains. The ultraviolet system can be either a stand-alone unit or a part of the drinking water treatment.





     UV filters for water disinfection are used very widely: in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in municipal water treatment systems, in reverse osmosis systems, air-conditioning systems, as Legionella prevention in hot water supply systems, swimming pools, fish farms, for obtaining clean water for laboratory research, water for reclamation in agriculture, in food industry. 




     The water flowing through the UV filter housing is treated with UV lamps whose light (90%) is in the fluorescent spectrum (wavelength 254nm). In this way, microorganisms are destroyed (bacteria, viruses, yeast, mushrooms, mold, etc. are destroyed in water and air). UV-C light rays pass through the cell walls of microorganisms, killing them and preventing their regeneration.  

     UV disinfection filter consists of: stainless steel UV lamp housing, UV lamp, power supply unit. The main component of all UV filters is an ultraviolet lamp.