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     For the chemical treatment of water systems Ferrolin® reagents are used. They contain both organic and inorganic acids that quickly dissolve corrosion and scale products. 

     Ferrolin® removes rust and calcium carbonate deposits in all types of water systems, e.g. canning, hot and cold water, heating and cooling systems, etc. The product does not dissolve pure silicates and gypsum deposits. 




Chemical treatment of water heating systems and steam boilers is carried out in two stages::

  1. Acid washing of Ferrolin® (5% organic acid solution).
  2. Surface treatment with alkaline reagent WS1 (3% solution).

     To prepare the solution for chemical cleaning, its supply to the system and circulation, a special closed system must be installed (solution preparation tank - circulation pump - flushing system - solution preparation tank). Before chemical cleaning, the tightness test of the chemical cleaning scheme of the system should be performed. Circulation of the chemical cleaning solution is carried out with the help of a circulation pump. 



 Ferrolin® washing programme for water systems 


     5 % organic acid solution is prepared in the reagent preparation tank, conventional or softened water is used. The solution is heated to a temperature of 50 - 60°C and circulates in the system until the deposits are completely dissolved. To remove rust and scale in the pipes, 5% of the solution is prepared and the water in the system is recirculated by an acid-resistant pump.  The system temperature must be maintained at 20-50°C. A much smaller amount of product is required to remove deposits from the equipment that have been pre-treated. The efficiency of the products and the amount of active ingredients in the solution is monitored by measuring the pH value of the solution.

     After acid treatment, the system is drained and rinsed with regular or soft water to neutral pH and clean water. During system flushing, acid residues from the reagent tank are drained from the reagent tank and the reagent tank and the reagent line is flushed with water.

     To neutralize acid residues, it is recommended that the alkaline reagent WS1 is washed out again. Further, in order to avoid scale formation, it is recommended to use hardening agents and corrosion-resistant products.




     3 % alkaline solution WS1 is prepared in a special tank for preparation of reagents with softened water and when the solution is heated to 20 - 60°C. The passivation operation is performed until the pH of the passivation solution stops changing, but less than 1 hour. After passivation of the system, the passivation solution is cooled and drained. If the system starts up immediately after passivation, the system must be flushed with softened water to the normal values immediately after drainage of the passivation solution. 

     There are no toxic substances in the system flushing solution and passivation solution. When preparing solutions, it is necessary to take precautions when working with acid and alkaline substances and use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirator or gas mask, goggles, work in special clothes. The pump motor must be grounded.