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      Ferrocid® is a biocide-based product for disinfecting and protecting water systems from biological contaminants. 

     Industrial water systems are the ideal environment for the reproduction of microorganisms. Bacteria can not only create biofilms, but also weaken the water system itself and cause corrosion.

     In addition, a film formed on the surface can significantly reduce heat transfer and increase the resistance of the liquid in the pipes. Biofilm on the surface of pipes can cause serious sanitary problems in the water system, because the film is a breeding ground for many bacteria (for example, Legionella pneumophila, which causes legionellosis).

     Therefore, biocide treatment of water is very important especially for cooling systems in both the pulp and paper industries. Biocide treatment of water helps to significantly reduce the number of bacteria and control the formation of biofilms. 

     In order to achieve the desired effect of the product, it is necessary to carry out technical controls. For this purpose, the technical consulting department of ŠOMIS, which provides advice and performs control analysis, is designed for this purpose. Technical consultations and maintenance are carried out under a separate contract. 



Ferrocid® 4601


     Ferrocid® 4601 is an active oxidizing biocide for refrigeration and industrial water systems.  It is a microbiological inhibitor designed for cooling systems, water treatment systems and membrane systems. Ferrocid® 4601 is a patented stabilized bromine solution for the removal of organic matter in commercial and industrial water systems. The product removes organic matter and prevents the growth of bacteria and sludge. 

     The product is neither volatile nor combustible.
     Ferrocid® 4601 is a 7.6% halogen (in the form of chlorine). 13.2 g (9 ml) Ferrocid® 4601 in 1 m³ of water provides 1 mg/l of free halogen (as chlorine).

     The dosage of the product to the cooling system depends on many factors: the degree of contamination, the type of microbiological contamination, the rate of water flow, the temperature, the temporary ingress. The correct dosage will be selected by the technical team of ŠOMIS.


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Ferrocid® 8583


     Ferrocid® 8583 is a biocide for cooling water, process water and membrane water systems. The product is used for effective control of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and algae) in industrial water circulation systems. It is also used to protect against the formation of mucus, bacteria and algae. These organisms can create an environment that is highly corrosive and cause biological fouling. 

     In membrane systems, microbiological fouling affects the appearance of a film on the membrane surface, which can block the membrane. Ferrocid® 8583 slows down the growth of biological flora and removes existing microorganisms.

     Ferrocid® 8583 is effective against Legionella pneumophila and Legionella gormanii bacteria, which cause legionellosis.

     Ferrocid® 8583 does not foam. The product is active within the pH range of 6 to 9.  It is intended for industrial use only. It may not be used for drinking water treatment or in domestic water supply systems.

     Ferrocid® 8583 is a liquid composite based on organic N-heterocyclic compounds and dispersants.

     Treatment of circulating cooling water depends on the degree of contamination, availability of nutrients, type of biological deposits, temperature, cycle time and should be selected with the help of ŠOMIS specialists.

     The concentration limits of the circulating water preparation are usually between 10 - 100 g/m3. The product is used undiluted. Shock dosing is recommended. 

     Ferrocid® 8583 is a non-oxidizing biocide, so in most cases it can be used for organic membranes. 


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Ferrocid® 8585


     Ferrocid® 8585 is a biocide for industrial water treatment. Used in recirculation cooling systems and industrial pumping stations for the elongation of bacteria, fungi and algae. The product is active within the pH range of 6 to 9. 

     Ferrocid® 8585 is intended for industrial use only. It may not be used for drinking water treatment or in domestic water supply systems. Ferrocid® 8585 is a liquid product. 

Typical dosage is 10 - 100 g/m3, depending on biological contamination.  The product is also used for shock treatment or periodically dosed with a dosing pump. Ferrocid® 8585 is recommended to be used without dilution. Cleaning is done by means of shock treatment. The dosage for continuous use is set by adjusting the amount of water. 


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Ferrocid® 8597


     Ferrocid® 8597 is a wide range biocide for use in industrial water systems. The product is effective over a wide pH range. It is used for the treatment of small and medium volume water systems, as well as in systems where automatic dosing can be very expensive: in air conditioners and for the treatment of industrial water intended for domestic use. 

     Ferrocid® 8597 is an oxidizing biocide with a wide range of effects: control of bacteria, fungi, mould and algae. The product is also effective against Legionella pneumophila and Legionella gormanii bacteria, which cause legionellosis. It reduces the growth of microbiological flora and removes existing microorganisms. 

     Ferrocid® 8597 can be used in cooling towers, flow filters, disposable cooling towers and industrial water treatment systems. 

     Ferrocid® 8597 is a slowly dissolving compound of bromine and chlorine, which can create bromic acid (a strong disinfectant) in the treated water. The product contains 63% bromine. A tablet of 1.6 g dissolved in 1 m3 of water creates 1 mg/l of free bromine. 

     The dosage depends on the degree of contamination, available nutrients, type of microbiological sediments, temperature and pH value. The dosage should be selected by a specialist. 

The result of Ferrocid® 8597 application appears in the range from 20 minutes to 4 hours.  Ferrocid® 8597 is dosed without dilution. The product can be used for shock or permanent treatment.



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Ferrocid® 5280-S

     Ferrocid® 5280-S is a complete product for drinking water treatment.

Ferrocid® 5280-S is a unique product of its kind, the use of of which guarantees complete control over the quality of drinking and sanitary water.  Its use helps to prevent the growth of bacteria without causing damage to drinking water and plants.

Ferrocid® 5280-S protects against bacteria and guarantees a high level of protection against corrosion.

  • Сomplies with B.P.R. regulations;
  • Prevents Legionnella;
  • Prevents metals from entering the water;
  • It cleans water systems and makes them more efficient;
  • Reduces energy consumption;
  • Simple and safe to use.

    Ferrocid® 5280-S meets the requirements of BRT, PT 4 (cispert and drinking and sanitary water treatment) and PT 5 (drinking and sanitary water treatment).


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